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Mark's Vision for Richland County

Kick Start the Economy

Representative Romanchuk will support policies that focus on jobs and investment in people.  Small business growth is the engine of job creation, and he will work with local business leaders to market our area to entrepreneurs and existing businesses that have yet to discover the advantages Richland County provides.  He will combine his efforts with the State of Ohio’s development arm, JobsOhio, to ensure Richland County has a seat at the economic development table.

Small businesses have existing job openings waiting to be filled by skilled workers, but they lack the qualified applicants.  With a properly trained and educated workforce available, Richland County can lead the revitalization of Ohio’s economy.   To help Richland County be a leader in change and growth, Mark will work to restore and enhance vocational training in our schools and community colleges to provide job opportunities for our middle class families.

Restore and Revitalize Manufacturing

Representative Romanchuk will strive to make Richland County and Ohio the most competitive places to manufacture in the world.  He understands Ohio’s workforce development programs need to be aligned to the needs of businesses.  This will ensure Ohioans have the right skills to compete in a world marketplace.  For example, in order to empower workers and expand employment opportunities, Ohio needs to adopt national skills standards established by industries.   In addition, it is vital to place special emphasis on assisting our returning veterans, helping them to find meaningful employment.  All of Mark’s efforts on our behalf will have the goal of expanding access to international markets and promoting free and fair trade for Richland County products and services. 

Practical Approach to Government

Representative Romanchuk will advocate for policies that make our state more competitive in the marketplace and more prosperous for our families.  He will encourage job growth by voting against useless government regulations and against tax hikes and needless fees.

Uphold Constitutional Freedoms

Representative Romanchuk is a conservative.  He believes the power of the government is limited by the Constitution and that we all have inalienable rights that uphold human life, dignity, and freedom.

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